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Coverage Estimator

The testers marked below account for an approximate coverage of of the genome of

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This tool lets you estimate the proportion of an ancestor's DNA accounted for by their DNA-tested descendants as marked in a tree.

Estimated coverage will appear here once you enter the subject's name below and mark people in the tree who have tested.

You can also import a GEDCOM file or a file from WATO via the Load menu.

To indicate that someone is deceased and unable to test, hover over them in the tree, click Add/Edit Details and enter a death year.

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About this tool

This tool was adapted from the What are the Odds? codebase. It was developed by Jonny Perl and conceived with Paul Woodbury and Leah Larkin.

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  • The coverage percentages generated by this tool are based on regular inheritance patterns (for example, you might expect to inherit about 25% of a grandparent's DNA). In practice, the actual amount inherited may be higher or lower than this, so the output from this tool is a guide only and is not absolute.
  • If one or more testers are related more than once to the person for whom you're estimating coverage, they should be entered into the tree and marked as testers multiple times.

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Paul and Leah came up with the calculations and Jonny implemented them in JavaScript and made the tool.

The static tree layout was adapted from an example by Peiwen Lu.