Tools for genetic genealogy

Alongside chromosome mapping and ancestral trees, DNA Painter hosts a growing number of standalone tools for genetic genealogy, all of which are listed below.

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Shared cM Project Tool Updated

An interactive tool to show possible and probable relationships based on centimorgans shared.

What Are the Odds? (WATO)

Hypothesize about how a DNA tester might fit into a known tree based on the amount of DNA they share with people in that tree.

What are the Odds (WATO) plus

The new version of WATO, which features a new layout and structure, as well as adding age probabilities.

Coverage Estimator New

Estimate DNA coverage for an ancestor by indicating which of their descendants has tested. Save and share coverage trees.

AncestryDNA Chromosome Painter Segments

Convert your AncestryDNA 'Chromosome Painter' segments into chromosome, start and stop points that you can use in your chromosome map.


Group matches into maternal and paternal by filtering a list of segments using other lists of segments or matches from known relatives.

Library of Matches

A collection by Cody Ely of real example matches and shared segments from a wide variety of relationships, to be used for relationship prediction and reference.

Cluster Auto Painter

Browse for your cluster and segments files and this tool will generate a chromosome map with a group for each cluster.

For 23andMe and FamilyTreeDNA data, this works in conjunction with either DNAGedcom or Genetic Affairs.

Inferred Segments Generator

Copy and paste the segments that you and a close relative share with a DNA match, and this tool will output just the segments that you do not share with the match.

Shared cM Investigator

Paste multiple sets of segments that siblings share with a match and this tool will estimate the total amount of DNA the parent is likely to have shared with this match.

Distinct Segment Generator

Copy and paste two or more sets of segments that multiple family members share with a single match. This tool will identify the distinct segments and return cM values for each along with the total cM.

Common Segment Generator

When you copy and paste two sets of segments, this tool will return just those segments that are common to both sets.

cM Estimator

Enter the chromosome, start, and end positions and this tool will calculate an estimated number of centiMorgans (cM) to one decimal place.

Individual Match Filter

Paste in segments, and the tool will return the segments and total filtered cM according to the criteria you set.

Cluster Formatter

A simple tool to extract a CSV of clusters and matches from your Genetic Affairs or MyHeritage autocluster output.