Inferred segments generator

A tool that takes the segments that you and a close relative share with a DNA match, and outputs just the segments that you do *not* share with the match.
For more information about inferred (aka deductive) mapping, please read my blog post.
An additional blog post with instructions is here.

This can be anyone you're related to via just one grandparent (e.g. a 2nd cousin, or the first cousin of a parent, or a more distant relative)
If you don't have a parent or sibling tested, any descendant of a sibling would work. It's also possible to infer a limited amount using a first cousin
Or optionally populate this field with a full set of segments*

* If the match is a grandparent and you're looking to infer the segments you inherited from the other grandparent, you can autopopulate this field with a set of segments for each copy of the chromosome