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DNA Painter is free, but you need a subscription to create additional profiles after your first, and to benefit from bulk import.

You can now subscribe to DNA Painter and unlock the power of visualizing all your matches together:

  • Experiment with different mapping approaches — Have up to 50 DNA Profiles
  • Identify trends and common matches — Access subscriber-only bulk processing tools allowing import of custom segment lists and match lists from MyHeritage, 23andMe and FamilytreeDNA
  • Bulk-add new matches — So long as you retain the match name, the import will skip already-imported matches and just add new ones
  • Enjoy extra flexibility — Assemble groups of matches in your favourite spreadsheet application and import these directly into a DNA Painter profile
  • Help take DNA Painter forward — Support the development of new functionality that will make the site even more useful
  • All for the price of a good cup of coffee each month!
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“DNA Painter has quickly become an essential tool for genealogists!”
— Blaine Bettinger, The Genetic Genealogist and founder of DNA Central

“I love this tool, and you will too”
— Roberta Estes,

“DNA Painter offers wonderful additions to the genealogist’s arsenal of resources”
— Paul Woodbury, professional genealogist and lecturer

Feature Comparison

Free Member Subscriber
(e.g. Shared cM/ WATO)
Access to all Access to all
Chromosome Mapping Limited to 1 profile Up to 50 profiles
Bulk import functionality No access Unlimited access
Trees Limited to 1 tree Up to 50 trees

Quick Subscription FAQ

What happens after my subscription expires?
A subscription is required to create additional profiles beyond your first profile, and to access the import functionality. So if your subscription expires, you will retain all your profiles but won't be able to use import functionality or create additional profiles until you have renewed.
I already have more than one profile - does this mean I have to pay?
No: you do not need to subscribe to retain full access to existing profiles.
What kind of files can be used in the bulk import?
The bulk import can currently process the following types of file:
  • segment data files from FamilytreeDNA, MyHeritage and 23andme
  • segment data from Gedmatch's Tier 1 'Matching segment search' tool
  • exported DNA Painter profiles
  • segment data from any other source, provided it is set out in with set column headers.

Additional sources will be added when these become available. For more information and full instructions, read the help page.

If you don't need to subscribe at this time but would like to contribute to the development of new tools for genetic genealogy, you can do so by making a one-off payment of an amount of your choice.

Please note: making a contribution does not give you subscriber rights.

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