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Map DNA Segments to your ancestors

DNA Painter provides a user-friendly online tool for chromosome mapping

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Chromosome mapping is the ultimate puzzle!

  • Did you know you can use your DNA test results to find out which ancestors gave you specific segments of our DNA?
  • As you map your chromosomes, you will be more able to trace and connect new DNA matches as they appear.
Shared cM Tool

The latest shared cM tool can help you to narrow down the possible relationships for a match based on the number of centimorgans you share with them.

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DNA Painter is an easy-to-use tool that helps genealogists make sense of DNA testing. By mapping segments of DNA to chromosomes, we can begin to see which ancestors gave us which pieces of DNA, and thus how new matches are related. As a result, DNA Painter has quickly become an essential tool for genealogists!
Blaine Bettinger
Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating this tool! It's my new obsession and I am enjoying it immensely. What I absolutely love is I don't have to understand science to use it.
Devonna Wick
This is the most user friendly, easy to use mapping tool.
David Cooper Holmes
So glad to have discovered this tool. A warning though: it is highly addictive!
Jenny Terras

Help and advice

A free hour-long webinar given by this site's creator is available at Legacy Family Tree Webinars:

Blaine Bettinger of DNA Central and thegeneticgenealogist.com has also produced a very thorough and helpful video introduction to what DNA Painter is and how to use it. Click the play button or click here to view and comment on YouTube.

For more specific advice on genetic genealogy and how to draw conclusions from your chromosome mapping, I highly recommend the blogs and resources linked in the 'Further Reading' sections of the glossary, along with the Genetic Genealogy Tips and Techniques Facebook group.

Other Resources: